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Ebony is soon out of control, excessively drinking, staying out all night and influenced more and more by Ronnie and Tricks, who encourage Ebony to do more out-of-club parties for groups of men.Diana tries to warn Ebony to stay away from "those two" and quit doing house parties, but Ebony declines being told what to do, choosing to ignore Diana's advice.Further tension develops between Ebony and Diana when Diana returns home one night after fleeing her obsessive customer Myrin, who admitted to stalking her and then tried to force entry to her apartment, to find Ebony in bed with her boyfriend Lance.

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Diana ends up working at a shoe store, when she meets Ronnie (Chrystale Wilson) and Tricks (Adele Givens), who work for Dolla Bill (Bernie Mac) at The Players Club.

They convince Diana she would make better money stripping, by saying, "Use what you got to get what you want." Dolla Bill gives Diana a job, giving her the name Diamond.

After the heated confrontation, Diana has a flashback of a time when she was at a private party with Ronnie and Tricks, the men at the private party offers to pay Ronnie to perform cunnilingus on Diamond who has passed out on the bed drunk, Ronnie accepts the offer and proceeds to assault Diamond, the flashback encourages Diana to protect Ebony.

Meanwhile, Dolla Bill gets confronted by a man who works for St. Little Man, who is the doorman of the club, tells St.

Louis' men, Brooklyn (Charlie Murphy) and KC (Terrence Howard).

They beat him unconscious and throw him into the back of his car.Clyde tries to meet Luke but his bodyguard (Michael Clarke Duncan) informs Clyde that Luke is trying to relax and not meet with fans.Clyde insults the bodyguard causing him to hit Clyde in the back of his head as he leaves, leaving him unconscious.When Ebony realizes that she will be the only woman in a hotel room full of rapacious men, she desperately tries calling Diana to come and pick her up but Diana didn't and ignored her.Reggie and Clyde, both feeling insulted by Diana and Ebony from a previous encounter, lied to Junior that Ebony will have sex with him, claiming that they "ran a train" on her.Luckily for him, they are stopped by Freeman (John Amos) and Peters (Faizon Love), two crooked cops.


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