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Chief executive, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. (Royston, Hertfordshire) ORDER OF THE BATH KCB David Nicholson, CBE.

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National director, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Programme.

(Blairgowrie, Perth and Kinross) Professor John Stranger Holman.

When Stacy stops to give Vinny a ride just outside the gates of the spa, she is wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer style sunglasses, but when she arrives at her home, she is wearing a similar looking but different style of sunglasses which have no rim around the bottom half of the lenses.

But, leaving aside Western Civilization for a moment, I want to say a word for the underdog.

Movies like this never win awards, never top lists, are never hot topics around the water cooler (do people ever have powwows around water coolers in real life? This is the kind of movie critics like to cite as evidence of the decline of Western Civilization, because they make easy targets: they don't change lives, and they have few defenders.

BARCELONA.- Muchos compañeros piden explicaciones estos días y quieren saber qué es la regulación horaria y la propuesta que están haciendo dos organizaciones (STAC y UTAM): 16 horas por coche.

Queremos que haya un porcentaje y el resto: UN TAXI, UN CONDUCTOR.

La segunda propuesta: REGULACION HORARIA, 16 horas por coche. En esas 16 horas, tal y como se hace en Madrid, todas las paradas que sean de menos de 60 minutos contabilizan como una hora – aunque sea de diez minutos – se reducen de las 16 horas.

Professor of Prehistory and Human Evolution, University of Cambridge. (Cambridge, Cambridgeshire) Professor Salvador Moncada. Director, Wolfson Institute of Biomedical Research, University College London.

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