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In the following screen, click Install Now to get started, and wait as the OS installs.How fast this happens will depend on the speed of your hard disk drive and DVD drive.If the privacy of your system files is a concern, consider using a different PC. If you want to risk this, then the best thing to do is ensure your system is properly backed up, that you have copies of your data on external drives or cloud storage, and that you have a copy of Windows 8 on DVD or USB to reinstall from – you won’t be able to use the Windows 8 recovery partition Whichever device or installation method you plan to use, only install the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO once you are fully prepared.

Sure, they offer an offline equivalent, but they..., information that applies to Windows 10.

With the account set up, Windows 10 will proceed to install apps. Name the operating system Windows 10 and select Windows 8.1 in the Version dropdown, specifying whether your ISO is 32-bit or 64-bit.

Computers running Windows 7 and later can be upgraded to the Windows 10 Technical Preview via the downloaded ISO, once burned to DVD or written to a USB flash device.

You can use Rufus and to create a bootable USB with the Windows 10 TP ISO.

This will take a few moments, and then Windows 10 will start. If you’re missing the option of a spare PC and want to try the Windows 10 Technical Preview, your best alternative is to download the ISO and install it on a virtual machine. Make sure you update to the latest version before attempting to install the Technical Preview – if this doesn’t happen automatically when you run the software, open Help Check for updates… Move through the wizard accepting the recommended settings (ensuring you have sufficient hard disk space for the VM) until the virtual machine has been set up, and click Start.

Oracle’s Virtual Box is probably the best option here, particularly as it is open source and regularly updated. At this point, the virtual machine will boot, ask you where the ISO file is (it might be on DVD or on a HDD) and installation will commence as described above. If it reports a lack of RAM, make sure all other programs are closed.

As you’re trying it, you can help Microsoft polish the preview version by joining their Windows Insider program.

However, installing Windows 10 comes with some risks, which is why you should really install it either in a virtual environment or on a second device. Until then, there is a lot of work for Microsoft to do, and with your help they hope to bring us the greatest version of Windows yet.

Also make sure to allow booting from USB in the BIOS With the disc in the tray or the ISO mounted, the installer should autorun.


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