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Perhaps due to her upbringing, Goldberg reportedly eschews the high-end auction and gallery scene frequented by other celebrity collectors like Madonna and Leonardo Dicaprio.

Rather than big ticket blue chip works, the actress is more interested in quirky works that befit her larger-than-life personality.

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Was able to finally indulge in pain free sex just a few days later (they recommend waiting 3 days). Feb 15, 2016 PM Davis D wrote: caaclark and hipline-just wondering how you're doing with your Mona Lisa treatments?

I'm looking into this thanks to you all for discussing.

Her tissue dryness was so severe, she told me, that it hurt to walk. My wonderful radiation oncologist, who I met for the first time today, told me about Mona Lisa Touch.

Am planning to look into it if side effects of upcoming Arimidex are as reported by sizable number of women. Dec 12, 2015 PM Hipline wrote: I have been absent for a while but am back with a Mona Lisa update.

I did the first treatment and then had to travel during the time for the second treatment so we agreed to postpone and start over.

I will say the results were great after treatment one but six months later (and no benefit of treatments 2 or 3) I have regressed back to the original dryness.

“I mix high-culture artifacts—figurines, ceramics, crystal—with pop art at the dinner table for example,” she noted.

Bosum Blues wrote: Today in the mail I got a notice from my Gyn about a new FDA approved laser.

So, six months later I am starting over (no charge for the first treatment since I missed 2 and 3 and the gyno is sympathetic to BC).


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  2. Like touch, audition requires sensitivity to the movement of molecules in the world outside the organism.

  3. In particular, they referenced an early computer dating service started by three Harvard graduates in the mid-1960s called Operation Match.

  4. “In the Big Boat Esi said, they were stacked ten high, and when a man died on top of you, his weight would press the pile down like cooks pressing garlic.”In her beautiful and painstaking retelling of this tragically divided family, Gyasi does more than provide a compelling fictional narrative—she lays out how the atrocities committed against a group of people have lived on, morphing across place and time. But instead of increasing my despair, Gyasi’s placement of Africans and black Americans as the central characters in the story of race—capable of both tremendous sin and tremendous resilience, with the ability to overcome, change, and push forward—made the story hopeful and empowering. Writing, like running, is something that’s glorious in theory, uncomfortable and humiliating in practice, and much easier to appreciate once it’s done. In summer—particularly in Washington where a five-minute walk to the drugstore leaves you languid and limp—it’s all too easy to put off either.

  5. Change starts with one voice -- so your community is counting on YOU! Here is some information on how to access the KIDS Count Data Book.

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