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This ratio is expressed in delta notation (δ13C) as parts per mil (‰) difference from an internationally recognized standard (PDB) assigned by definition a value of 0 ‰ and computed as follows: Equation 1.δ13C = Rsample - Rstandard x 1000 ‰Rstandard where R = 13C/12C Fractionation associated with photosynthesis co-varies with the kinetic properties of carbon uptake and enzymatic processes of carbon fixation (Farquhar et al. In terrestrial plants, carbon isotope fractionation is contingent upon which of three photosynthetic pathways (C3, C4, CAM) plants use to metabolize atmospheric CO2.

When CO2 is taken up during photosynthesis, metabolic processes alter or fractionate the ratio of 13C/12C, depleting plant tissues in 13C relative to atmosphere (-7.7‰).

University of Deseret, was originally founded in 1850 by Brigham Young.

The University of Deseret failed financially and reemerged as the University of Utah in 1867.

δ13C values are passed from producer to consumer leaving a diagnostic signature in consumer tissues that does not co-vary with the skeletal element analyzed or sex of the sample independent of differences in feeding ecology (Hobson and Schwarcz 1986; Lovell et al. Enamel δ13C values record the intake of C3 versus C4 carbohydrates during the juvenile period of a human's lifetime since the enamel on permanent teeth, with the exception of third molars, forms early in life, derives primarily from the carbonates in blood and does not turn over once laid down.

Plants grown before fossil fuel depletion of atmospheric CO2 are enriched 1-2 ‰ relative to the above averages (Tieszen & Fagre 1993a).

University of Utah researchers have found that the structure of an insulin molecule produced by predatory cone snails may be an improvement over current fast-acting therapeutic insulin. Loss of megaherbivores such as elephants and hippos can allow woody plants and non-grassy herbs and flowering plants to encroach on grasslands in African national parks, according to a new University of Utah study, published ...

University of Utah ornithologist and biology department professor Cagan Sekercioglu presents a new book, "Why Birds Matter," this week at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Honolulu.

Since 1867 the University of Utah has steadily grown into one of the world top 100 institutions for research in medicine, technology and science.

The University of Utah offers 76 undergraduate degrees, and 96 graduate degrees plus professional degrees in medicine and law.

In recent decades the University of Utah has become a premier cancer research center, (The Huntsman Center) and incorporated a Nano Technology Institute for research.

The University is particularly keen on genetic research, environmental research and offers opportunities for international scientists to participate in first rate research.

Many mammals and birds are remarkable athletes; mice work hard to dig burrows for protection and sparrows fight gravity with each flap of their wings.


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