Adullt talk show - Steam stops updating

How can I get Steam to stop downloading updates automatically as soon as an update is released for a game like CS: S?

It's just that I am running on mobile broadband at the moment and Steam loves to find the biggest update possible to waste my money when I'm on mobile broadband.

I own a Minecraft server and I go to my static caravan every 2 weekends and I use it just fine for that along with other games like CSS and Gmod.

People dont give mobile broadband enough credit auto-updating is to run Steam in offline mode - which will prevent you from playing Steam games online.

We highly suggest that you avoid installing Steam or its games to an external hard drive.

While some external hard drives and connections offer adequate performance, the way in which external hard drives are handled by the operating system can cause issues with Steam.

If you wish to prevent your download speed from being limited by your disk performance, you may wish to upgrade or add an internal, high performance hard drive to your computer.

I found this in google search, I'm having the same problem. It's probably because of the free Modern Warfare 3 weekend.

A side effect of this process is that, when dealing with very large files, Steam's downloading speed can be limited by your hard drive's performance.

Ensure that you are not performing any other disk intensive operations while downloading Steam games.

I have right-clicked the game that updates and unticked the automatic updating.


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