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” The extent to which they will perform together, likely only east of the Atlantic Ocean, has yet to be announced.As evidenced by Thursday's Crown Vic performance in Marfa, Texas, that new and proudly American live lineup can rock it out electric and have some good down-home fun, especially with the Cajun vibe provided by Michael Ramos on accordion.

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Thus far, Plant and Krauss haven’t revived their working relationship.

A variety of new bands and types of lineups are one way Plant challenges himself musically, and from which he derives satisfaction that he’s constantly evolving and trying new things.

Maybe his biggest lesson learned from performing with Krauss was the way he learned to listen to other voices and blend with them. Between 19, he and Jimmy Page earned have the same experience of sharing stages with orchestras.

Now, Plant appears regularly with ensembles and super-choirs.

One level on which he connects is when they share a deep knowledge of a wide variety of musical genres, but especially of acts that cannot accurately be categorized.

Or he'll sing with you, like he's done for Scott Matthews, Afro Celt Sound System, and Buddy Miller.Her last solo album, Downtown Church, features the production of Buddy Miller.He's the one who brought her in to salvage a post-Alison Krauss, all-male jam lineup that just wasn't quite working.They assembled the Fukunaga-Griffin-Grissom-Plant-Ramos band for the appearance of "Patty Griffin and special guests" on opening night of the Trans-Pecos Festival of Music and Love in West Texas, in a town called Marfa. Nobody said so officially until the day of the show that Robert Plant was one of Patty Griffin's special guests, but everybody in the area knew anyway.The open secret is another Robert Plant tradition, in the cases of the Honeydrippers off and on from 1981 to 1985, the Priory of Brion in 19, and back in the mid to late 1970s during those two long breaks in the career of Led Zeppelin (Melvyn Giganticus and the Turd Burglars, anyone? This new one, Crown Vic might be a continuing entity, as long as it can outlast the attempt at a follow-up to Raising Sand, with Alison Krauss.Guitarist David Grissom is there, with bass guitarist Glenn Fukunaga, and keyboardist and accordion player Michael Ramos.


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  2. The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) was established by the 6th Texas Legislature as the Asylum for the Blind (Chapter CVIII, August 16, 1856).

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