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When did the first guy not only dodge a slap in the face, but get exactly what he demanded?

When did women start acquiescing to the daunting and perverted request until it got to a point of normality?

As complimentary as men think it is, it's just not the way women like to be thought of all the time.

Because, as every sensible woman knows, you’re not asking for the picture for sentimental reasons…

Unfortunately, if a guy is asking you for a naked picture, he's most likely not the kind of guy who is going to respect your anonymity.

Because, as we've learned from Kim Kardashian, you give them an inch and they make it viral.

When you text them for a picture, they are most likely at work or in some stained, oversized clothing, eating bad food and watching worse TV.

If you haven't taken her out to dinner yet, you have no right to ask her to take a photo.

Just because we've succumbed to the Internet culture doesn't mean we've lowered our standards for men.

Just because we have Tinder and Hinge doesn't mean we can treat women like a photo to be swiped over.

Women must perpetually wrestle with hiding their imperfections while simultaneously proving they are comfortable with them.

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