Normal people dating celebrities

A Hollywood marriage originally meant a glamorous high society marriage between celebrities involved in the U. film industry; the word "Hollywood" is often used to represent the US film industry.However, the term has grown to also have strong negative connotations of a marriage that is of short duration and quickly ends in separation or divorce.

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Also that goes to Normal Peoples with low paid like part time job can't not have relationship with Celebrities as well.

So again, Celebrities can't just marry anyone because it could be Dangerous & you never know what would happen in the future...

Say it or not, each of us has dreamt of dating a celebrity at least once in our life time.

However, most of the times the dreams remain intact, that is they remain as “dreams” and do not get fulfilled.

Celebrities Marriage are when to stars "Actor's & Actress's" get together to be marry just like reg peoples.

So just to know that Celebrities Marriage is way different because they are rich peoples as they film movies, Tv Series, Sing, Dance, & Other Act in Celebrities life.

Also low paid in Money...) Again, Celebrities can't just marry anyone because it could be Dangerous & you never know what would happen in the future...

Here are some Celebrities 'I know' that are Marry: More Here at Business Insider and More Here at Huffington Post.

Though celebrities are much like normal people, it is their profession that makes them popular.


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