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His approach to seduction is unique, as it doesn’t rely on any magic bullets or wishful thinking, his teaching focuses on learning core principles slowly over the long term, implementing each aspect of his seduction process on a monthly level, over the course of a year so that by the time you are finished, everything about seducing women is so well ingrained that it is now a congruent part of your lifestyle. The star of VH1′s new reality show, , Mystery is a long time member of the seduction community and is known for his systematic method for picking up women.

Mystery came onto the scene in direct opposition to the Speed Seduction hypnosis style of game that was popular at the time.

He developed an indirect style where the pickup artist would move from various stages of attraction, comfort and seduction called The Mystery Method.

This method became the basis for many of today’s seduction models and has been used by Mystery to train many of today’s best pick-up artists.

Dave has become an expert in this niche area of online seduction.

A main character and also controversial figure in , Tyler Durden became renown for his analytic breakdown of seduction in his posts on popular seduction message boards.

The owner of the Insider Internet Dating system, Dave M’s specialty is seducing women over internet dating sites.

Through years of experimentation; trial and error; and hundreds of dates achieved through sites like, Ok Cupid, Plentyof Fish and even Facebook.

He uses tried and true seduction fundamentals as the basis of his teachings yet supplements them with new cutting edge techniques resulting in a powerful system of attracting beautiful women.

Known as Mystery’s wingman on VH1′s , Matador has a cocky yet suave style of seduction, known for quickly swooping under the radar to seduce beautiful women while simultaneously having Mystery’s back.

His focus is to seduce women through the power of touch.


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