My dbox not updating

In addition to title updating issues, it is generally considered faster to install discs offline and then connecting to the Xbox Live network.

Some of IGN's readers have noted that game installs seem to sputter out around the 97% mark, stalling out indefinitely.

Microsoft has issued some confirmed reports of these issues being fixed via their Xbox One Support forums[1].

So TU12 came out for Minecraft XBox 360 edition, is it not(July 18th, correct? Sice then, every time I go on it, there has been no update notification asking if I'd like to download the update.

I asked my friend if it had updated fo him to make sure I wasn't mistaken, and he said that it had.

I Think it is very usefull to have a feature that you can keep your installed apps auto-updated if dev launchs one The Xbox now updates all installed Games, Apps, and the OS while it is connected to the internet and "Instant On’ is activated!

I have my Xbox One set up to automatically download and install updates, the rest of my settings are shown below: Is there a reason my games will show an update symbol on their tile, but they still don't download the update until I start the game manually? What I meant was if you have the Xbox in the mode where it doesn't turn off, but starts up quickly, that is when auto updates work (which, based on your screenshot, your Xbox isn't set to)[email protected] My power mode is instant on.

It says the xbox will check for updates in the "off" state (instant-on low power state), which happens every time I shut the xbox down at night. What I figured out after reading this, and some trial and error, was that I have my Xbox set to "never turn off automatically", and for some reason, this turns off the auto downloading.

Despite the fact that the docs say it should work regardless of that particular setting's value, as long as you turn your console off once in a while (which I do), I wasn't seeing downloads come through.

Take a look at your settings, if you have an xbox one, and compare to mine.


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