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Later, Rachel meets her dream guy, Jesse, the lead singer of rival team Vocal Adrenaline and a super-hottie, and they start dating.When the date with Brittany and Santana doesn't go well for Finn, he sees what Rachel meant earlier with her speech, and he goes back to Rachel, telling her he wants them to be a real couple now.Rachel is Finn's friend, but he worries about being seen with her because he fears it will hurt his reputation.

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Rachel, angry and heartbroken, gives an honest speech to Finn that shows how well she knows him and how he is only dumping her because it is affecting his reputation.

He can't come to see that she's the only person who sees and loves him for who really is, so it was his loss.

However, Santana reveals to him that Rachel is still seeing Jesse, and they are having some intimacy and decision-making themselves because Rachel asked for advice from the girls earlier.

Finn approaches Rachel and asks her to tell him the truth of whether her and Jesse are still dating.

She slaps Finn and tells him that he has ruined any chance of her coming back to Glee.

Using her, so that he could have a chance at getting a music scholarship.

Finn also compares Quinn with Rachel a lot and asks her at one point why she can't be more like Rachel; listening to him and respecting his feelings.

Their friendship is strong throughout the first 13 episodes with secret love undertones.

Finn is also impressed by the way she defended herself in the Celibacy Club.

After they practice singing together in the auditorium, the two share a brief kiss, proving their mutual attraction.

Schue, after the drugs Will got from Sandy were "found" in Finn's locker.


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