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In, sometimes we need to validate List Box and Drop Down List using Required field validator.

It is tricky and avoids the use of Java Script function to validate List Box and Drop Down List. For validating Drop Down List, make sure you have "--Select--" option value 0 other wise validation on it will not work.

I have a dropdownlist (cbo View Albums) which has displays album values. I am trying to use validation which when lb_create_album link Button is clicked throws an error if the cbo View Albums list has the value 0 selected.

Below is the code for the this and my attempt: You have to use Range validator with dropdown list & set mininmum value greater then 0 & maximum value to set any max value , aslo provide type value of min & max and that is integer.

They have cleared all my concepts and cleared my doubts.

By doing the project based training, I have increased my confidence now I can develop something from scratch using NODEJS, Angular JS and Express. I will suggest professions to go with them once you will remain with them.In this article I try to explain how to validate Drop Down List and List Box using Required Field Validator.I hope after reading this article you will be able to use this trick in your code.The method to enable or disable a validator is: is the reference to the event that triggered the validation.But only the first parameter is useful when you want to force the validation, since the others are used only by the standard validation of ASP. Let's see a example from the code I'm writing for one of the new features of Subtext.Hyper Link does not do post back, so that's your first error.

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