Girl attitudes when dating

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Still, women are expected to do most of the menial chores around the house, and the men are the ones to go out drinking and partying.

This is a real problem out in the rural areas where alcoholism is epidemic.

It’s pretty understandable as Filipinas are generally very beautiful, dynamic, loyal and intelligent.

It is advised, however, by many such travelers to at least move to another island after the marriage, as often the whole family will want to move in or at least borrow large sums of money.

Most Filipinas are conservative Christians, and won’t be too fast to jump in bed on the first night.

There are definitely exceptions to this rule, especially in the big cities and tourist areas but otherwise take your time.

Her modesty is also a good sign you’re not being taken for a ride – witness the scam in Angeles City of being picked up, drugged and waking up with everything gone.

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