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It has been advertised by many online dating service providers that internet savvy individuals with demanding careers and busy lifestyles were turning to online dating services to seek out romantic relationships at a record pace.

However, those statistics are not verified by the empirical results of the present study.

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The industry has to be particular careful about the legal ramifications since much of the information it gathers from its customers must remain private and confidential in order to succeed and gain a larger market share.

Originality/value – It is apparent that online dating services are concerned with privacy and confidentiality issues as high priority by management.

Empirical analysis shows that the recommendation success rate has increased to 31% as compared to the baseline success rate of 19%. Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Differing provisions from the publisher's actual policy or licence agreement may be applicable.

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Design/methodology/approach – Empirically investigated through conceptual models and statistical methods was the value proposition of online matchmaking services, which boils down to the ability to provide appropriate matches through successfully business-to-customer (B2C) customer service enhanced by the web and based on sound customer relations management practices.

Findings – The differentiation of the marketplace includes unique ways to collect user-based information and customized, proprietary algorithms that generate what are believed to be the best matches, based on user and matchmaking service criteria.

Upon seeing me in person for the first time, my dates told me that I look just like my photos.

Purpose – To explore and add insight to the online-dating services phenomena which is the next product and beneficiary of the internet revolution that offers customers a convenient and affordable alternate to traditional methods of dating.

ABSTRACT: Due to the change in attitudes and lifestyles, people expect to find new partners and friends via various ways now-a-days.

Online dating networks create a network for people to meet each other and allow making contact with different objectives of developing a personal, romantic or sexual relationship.

Perhaps, the most outstanding findings were that no significant correlations among frequency of online dating services and degree of agreement that government should monitor online dating websites, as well as age range of respondent and degree of agreement that government should monitor online dating websites.

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