Dating before marriage in india

Contrary to the Western world, parents form an integral part of the “Indian dating” process.

Here, culture, caste, religion and the level of education are some of the important deciding factors in a relationship that should end in marriage.

Arranged marriages are not forcebly or parents are not forcing you to marry only that girl or boy but it is just an openion they will ask the Boy and girl before they get into legal marriages whether they both aggree and like each other if either of them won't then the marriage proposal will stop at that point and go to next oppurtunity.

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ONE THING I would like TO bring all of your ATTENTION is that: Indian arranged marriages are based of family oriented(permanent basis) not temporary basis so being said that If anything happens wrong Females are stills afe because Boys doesn't loose anything but girl first looses virginity which is a pure thing to keep or save it for her husband.

If you sleep around everywhere and finally marry what did u save it .

Metropolitan cities have started to whole heartedly welcome couples who want to date and live in.

All these show that dating do exist in India; however, it is yet to be accepted completely into the society as that in Western countries.

Apparently, this is how dating supposed to work in India traditionally.

Nowadays, parents give the freedom to youngsters to date and find their match.Earlier, parents were given the responsibility to find the best match for their children.They consider the financial status, education and most importantly the religion and caste of the prospective brides and grooms before “rounding off” the right one.One more thing Indian marriages are based of off how the previous generation of the same family both from Boy and girl are whether they are cheap or whether they very traditional with strings attached like today we see most of the time that is the reason divorce rate is so high.But consider world's second pouplated country India has less divorce rate than anybody in the world.However, this does not mean that there are no inter-caste or inter-religion marriages at all in India.

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