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Its lyricist and composers, Clark, Muir, and Abrahams also wrote "Second Hand Rose". It has been performed by a diverse group of artists, ranging from Bob Roberts in 1912 to The Tune Wranglers, the big band sound of Eddy Howard in 1947 to the comedic recording by The Chipmunks in 1959.

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This makes them a desirable and collectible item in the field of .

Americans love affair with the Spur began with the Spanish, dating back to the introduction of the spur to their continent by the Conquistador, Hernando Cortez in 1520.

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Western spurs are one of the most recognizable items in a Cowboys equipment.

Since the song was also credited to David Seville by Billboard, it became Seville's fourth consecutive Top 20 single.

The single also reached #11 in the UK singles chart, the first and only Chipmunks song to chart in the UK until 1992's "Achy Breaky Heart".

The lyrics were written by Grant Clarke and the music was composed by Lewis F. Maurice Abrahams was so captivated by the appearance of his nephew dressed up as a cowboy that he was inspired to write "Ragtime Cowboy Joe".

"Ragtime Cowboy Joe" was composed in Brooklyn after an appearance at the home of Abrahams by his nephew, Joe Abrahams, wearing a cowboy outfit.

Modern western spurs are just as collectible as those made by the companies of old.


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