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The magazine accepts no advertising, pays for all the products it tests, and, as a nonprofit organization has no shareholders.

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75 per cent of those people who received these letters ceased sending money for at least six weeks.“Nearly one quarter of reported romance scams originate on social media, in particular Facebook.

The ACCC is looking to work with social media platforms to keep romance scammers off their sites and to help users recognise when they are being scammed,” Ms Rickard said.

Some objective and comparative tests published by Consumer Reports are carried out under the umbrella of the international consumer organization International Consumer Research & Testing.

Consumer Reports also uses outside labs for testing, including for 11 percent of tests in 2006.

If you are not sure on what you are planning to buy, it would be best if you refer to the consumer online reports.

If you are planning to get the best reversible car seats, you will find plenty of them online.However, it is very important that you check on the particular review to see if they are really provided by a real consumer.There are some companies or stores that try to provide good reviews for their own product so be careful on those.They are providing their honest reviews so that they can share their experiences to those who are planning to buy the same items.This is very helpful because this will help prevent a lot of people from getting those products that are bound to dissatisfy.This is why disrupting relationship scams continues to be a priority for the ACCC,” Ms Rickard said.


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