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Ask her questions and listen what she answers and ask some more questions.

Pluses in this situation are that you don’t have to tell much about yourself, you don’t have to think what to tell her about when she is talking and what is more important, you show your interest in her. Even during common life such topic may become a reason for scandal, and if you tell her such things on the first date it is rather disrespectful and she might think you still think about your ex-girlfriend.

If you do not ask her questions she would feel you are not interested in her personality. If someday she would ask you about this, you may give brief answer without details, but to speak about such things on the first date is not good.

It is better to show your income by what you wear and what you buy.

But at the first date it is better not to show you are rich.

It is very hard to fix mistakes made during the first date.

To fix them you will have to make triple efforts sometimes and sometimes it is also to fix those mistakes at all.

Colombian girl might either think it is the way you want to buy her attention or would use you as wallet-man who is ready to buy her gifts and presents but nothing more.

One day she’ll meet the man she really love and leave you.

Be attentive listener and even if the topic is not interesting to you, pretend it is interesting.

In the future you will tell her what you like and do not like and what topics you consider not interesting, but this day keep in mind you are on the first date.

You have to impress the girl from positive side and impress so much she would like to go for another dating with you.


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