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She won an Oscar for her performance as a young deaf-mute woman who is abused and raped in Johnny Belinda (1948). remembered for being tearful, noble and plucky, with a face like a worried baby squirrel”.In 1979 the film historian Ken Wlaschin wrote that she had been “one of Hollywood’s great suffering actresses . She was never one of Hollywood’s great beauties, but what she lacked in looks she made up for in ambition, and there was often a hard edge to her performance.

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Warner Brothers publicity would later claim Richard Fulks was city mayor – in reality he had been elected “county collector” for one term and was a career police officer. Considered a plain child, she was painfully shy and lacked self-confidence, though she took dance classes, and her “mother” Emma encouraged dreams of a career in showbusiness.

They moved to Los Angeles; Wyman bleached her hair and she worked as a waitress, secretary, model and manicurist while awaiting her big break.

The marriage lasted eight years, and it has been variously suggested it ended because of her involvement with the actor Lew Ayres or because of her husband’s growing involvement in politics.

Reagan went on to become Governor of California in 1966 and President of the United States in 1981, serving two terms in the post.

Surprisingly for a woman who was married to an American president, there has been considerable doubt and discrepancy over the details of her early life, the year of her birth, her birthday and even her name.

Reference books normally give her date of birth as January 5, 1914.While Reagan ran the country, Wyman was running the fictitious Falcon Crest winery in California.And, while her profile was not quite as high as that of her exhusband, she too was an internationally familiar figure.In 1932 she made her film debut in a tiny part in the Goldwyn musical The Kid from Spain, alongside a young Paulette Goddard and the teenaged Betty Grable.The following year she married for the first time, to Ernest Wyman, when she was just 16.Her deadly rival, Hedda Hopper, however, maintained Wyman was “a little, loud, brassy blonde”, even after Wyman’s career took an unexpectedly radical turn and her acting stock rocketed when she played the girlfriend of an alcoholic Ray Milland in Billy Wilder’s The Lost Weekend (1945). TOWLES, Professor of Anatomy and Materia Medica in the Medical Department of the University of Virginia. 2, belongs to the Alka-line or, perhaps, to the Alkaline-Saline Class, for it has provedfar more efficacious in many diseased conditions than any of the sim-ple Alkaline waters. Such is a large portion of Lon Angelos county, it being a beautiful valley, about twentv miles wide and seventy-five long, with a slope of about twelve feet to the mile, from the mountains to the beach.


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