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Hong Kong privacy chief alarmed at plan to gather data on passengers taking new premium taxis “Given the concerns about the personal data of citizens or residents of Hong Kong, we as regulators would like to see that these images are removed from the gallery.

And also if there is any commercial interest involved, we would like to see that the persons involved will stop selling these images to obtain gains without the consent of the people concerned.

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It allows us a remarkable insight into the way that Montaigne read and understood Lucretius. Montaigne's signature on the title-page has been more or less obliterated by that of a subsequent owner, ' Despagnet', who also owned at least three other books of Montaigne's.

This copy was identified as Montaigne's by the librarian of Eton College, Paul Quarrie (who had purchased the book from the antiquarian booksellers Hesketh and Ward) and Professor M. This was most likely Jean Despagnet, a counsellor in the Bordeaux Parlement and its president from 1600 to 1611.

A full transcription and study of Montaigne's notes was published in 1998 by Professor Screech.

Montaigne's copy of Lucretius is also available as part of the ' Montaigne à l'œuvre' (MONLOE) strand of the online resource Les Bibliothèques Virtuelles Humanistes.

Recognizing excellence in adult Movie Production, Pleasure Products, Technology and Retail, the highly coveted XBIZ Awards represent the pinnacle of performance across all industry segments. Held January 16-17, 2017 at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport, the ANME Show will feature the top names in the adult toy and novelty industry.

Held yearly in Toronto, Halifax, and Montreal, our trade show is the largest consumer adult and romance expo in North America.A spokesperson for London Metropolitan University - who has provided the space for the exhibition - backed the artist and said the exhibition complied with relevant British privacy laws.The university said it “supported artistic freedom of expression, and any work by our alumni which helps to draw public attention to contemporary issues of privacy”.The exhibition features images found by bots, which scanned unsecured webcams around the world, gathered shots of unsuspecting users and placed them onto search engines.The exhibition also includes images from Russia and the US.“I would also like to see the artist delete or destroy all the images with identifiable persons that are kept or stored by the artist, and also those people who work with her.” A spokeswoman for the privacy commissioner said legal avenues to have the images removed were being considered.

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