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When getting inside to have a rest, he was asked if he offers other services as well.Lady Sextasy knows the best way of keeping in shape is having sex, and didn't want to let the young guy go before having some additional great time. Sharon is a sexy and cute older lady from South America and so adorable in her 40's.

Young gardener Sam finished his work at Honey's house.

While relaxing on the couch, Honey has her own way of paying his done work, starting to seduce Sam by gently touching him.

Time has come for tenant Sam to pay the rent for his appartment, so Lexie comes over to collect it.

But, as he's having troubles for a while now and cannot get the money to pay her, he thought he could do something else instead.

People tend to write exaggerated things about shows they love, so when others watch it they get frustrated by the bench mark set. it doesn't drop the ball and make you lose interest after a while.

this show is not friends or will and grace or seinfeld. some how , really don't know how, but some how found a way not to be repetitive or boring even though it was just about dating.

She's a romantic and passionate lady, but once getting wild with our young guy filling up her pussy, nobody can stop her. Lacey and her female friend were just having a good time together, and while getting into some more naughty fun, they got another unexpected visitor.

A friend of Jake, roommate of Lacey arrived for a visit, but Jake wasn't at home, for Lacey a good moment to invite him to the naughty party.

Together with her friend they seduce the young guy, who cannot resist.

Actually the imaginations he always had just came true.

Lexie couldn't say no to the young guy's offer and went straight down grabbing his cock.

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