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Front Street Pictures is one of Canada’s leading independent production companies.

With an eye on the global marketplace and international co-production opportunities, the company also develops and produces original scripted series, independent films and television movies for audiences around the world.

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Svatia Sakarova is Supervising Accountant at Front Street, managing and overseeing each production account, effectively ensuring each production’s financial security and success.

Since joining the company in 2001, she has worked on more than 60 titles for US and Canadian cable television. Sakarova holds a degree in economics from Charles University in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

The building houses production and executive office spaces, editorial suites and conference rooms, as well as storage and workspace for wardrobe, props, set/dec and other departments.

Front Street is also affiliated with one of Western Canada’s leading full-service post production companies, Side Street Post, whose state-of-the-art facility is housed in the studio building.

Front Street Pictures facilitates access to the tax credit incentive programs of Canada and British Columbia.

The company works closely with producers, networks and distributors to prepare accurate budgets, schedules, and tax credit analyses, reflecting real costs and savings.

The company has since produced over 100 movies-of-the-week, five television series and a broad range of critically acclaimed independent films for worldwide distribution.

The highly rated horror/fantasy children’s anthology series, R. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, ran for four seasons on Discovery Family Channel.

Front Street Pictures is a vertically-integrated production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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