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I love meeting guys in the UK for real time fun and games . Please dont post anything about forcing kids into sex, or ask to see my families pics. There is something so hot about watching someone squander and destroy themselves for hedonistic pleasures.

I do dogging gangbangs 121 fun hotel play quickies and lots more. Im not going to show my family to a bunch of strangers. This group includes things like, Sin, drugs, doing sexual things to get drugs, public sex with strangers, drunk girls, general promiscuity, risky sex, taboo sex, masochism, humiliation, self-torture, anything that can, and likely will, result in damage to the person, behavior that shows an attitude of "fuck it", bad things we do to effectively commit slow suicide, flirting with death and danger.

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Now the sex doesn't really bother me - one of my kinks would be to get more into the whole swing/swap scene, but the dishonesty/emotional connection side of things does have more of a concern for me.

I'm all for her fucking other guys, but only for the fucking, not because of the deeper side of things - which I worry is more what she's looking for.

If you have any FREE websites that you know of that we can use feel free to offer advice too! I'm married and have loitered in porn shops getting sucked off by strangers for years now. I'm horny and there's a guy there wanting me to cum in his mouth, I can't stop myself. So, about a year ago I answered a mw4m craigslist ad in a city that I was going to be traveling to for business.

My master wants me to prove my faithfulness and he told me, next time when we meet he wants me to have sex with a guy (a stranger he selects for me) in front of him. I want to prove him my devotion but I am not sure if I am able to handle it emotionally and psychologically. I've probably been sucked off by a few hundred different guys, and been sucked off by the same guys dozens of times, and never even know their names. Id had a bi MMF fantasy for way too long and thought this would be a good way to fulfill it.

I;m a mature english lady that just love sex with real strangers so why don't you contact me for fun in the New Year This group collect Videos and Pictures of poeple who get caught during sex by another person, this can be the husband or wife, the boyfriend or girlfriend or such a stranger. I just want people to see how great it can be to be raised in a loving family. Mentally Fucked acts that would give Freud material to analyze for centuries. AT ALL.**** I confess I have a raging hard-on for my ex's sister. I jerk to her pictures every day but she will never date me because there is "too much history" between us.

But that must be unwanted, so please do not post for example cuckold videos where the husband watches his wife to get fucked by somebody. Women giving voyeurs and strangers what they want; a peek, a touch, a suck or a fuck. Also couples having sex in front of strangers or letting them join in. "If my body is a temple, then I will piss in it."****PLEASE ~NO SCAT!!! She's single and soo dirty I know the kind of guys she's attracted to, and what turns her on and her dirtiest fantasies.My wife has recently picked up a sexual appetite way beyond her normal one. I know she's going through a mid-life crisis, and she's challenging herself in every way possible - especially sexually.She's gone from very vanilla to, well, a lot less vanilla, but not anywhere near as kinky as I'd like, but hey - it's a very pleasant change.All the while Jon is between my legs giving me, what I must confess is, fantastic head!Theres some position changes going on in the vid and, just as the stranger takes Jons cock in his mouth, the phone rings.It continues to ring until the machine picks up and I hear Sue saying, Jon, pick up the phone! I look over and see the same hard cock thats getting sucked in the vid and think that I might be willing to take him in my mouth. I look up again to see both Sue and the stranger working on Jons cock. Pretty "gay" so far I guess, but I promise it gets better!

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