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Therefore, if our gut bacteria is imbalanced, then our cognitive abilities and/or mood are affected as well. Have more responsive erections or get wet more easily? I’ll be at the farmer’s market getting ready for the night.

Eating probiotic, fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, or sometimes plain yogurt or coconut kefir can help to balance gut bacteria and balance mood. “ When we talk about proper nutrition, we usually do it in terms of weight loss or heart health, but we rarely discuss the impacts that improper nutrition has on our sexual health. Elle Stanger is a mother, stripper, feminist, activist, and author who entertains the masses in Portland, OR.

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Vitamins E and C, selenium, and zinc are needed for proper circulation, to boost testosterone levels, and maintain prostate function.

Eating foods like Brazil nuts, fresh fruits and veggies, and oysters will help keep levels of these keys nutrients up.” Candy, cookies, and donuts: A sudden spike in blood sugar will give you a quick boost of energy, but the overproduction of insulin leads to that slow, sluggish, hungry feeling soon after.

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As a former porn shop clerk, I recall countless numbers of people who would venture in to find a flavored lubricant that would hide the taste of their partner’s genitalia, or that of their own. Cock rings, penis pumps, and herbal over-the-counter pills all exist to increase or maintain erection, and I’ve seen men as young as 20 struggle with erectile dysfunction, and a lot of it has to do with what they put in their bodies.

With so many of us heavily drinking, smoking cigarettes, eating fast and fried food, and chugging energy drinks, it’s no wonder that some of these otherwise fine phalluses refuse to fully function. Health experts will tell you that eating natural goodies is the best choice for your body.

Strawberries: Antioxidant-laden fruit is good for your circulatory system.

These sweets are high in Vitamin c, and the only potential downside of this is that it may increase your sperm count. Carrots and apples: Beside vitamins, these crunchy treats release minimal stomach odor, and their crunch factor actually removes some plaque from your teeth, also improving your breath.

Sweet potatoes: These seasonal favorites are high in potassium, and should help combat high blood pressure, which is another culprit of erectile dysfunction.

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