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GLAMOUR Some people think that being a writer is glamorous. I dreamed of finally getting published and all the amazing fun that would follow. We started in Carlisle then moved through Kendal, Lancaster, (Witch Territory!

I imagined travelling to distant countries, staying in city hotels and seeing the sights. ), Brighouse, York, Scarborough and Whitby (Dracula Territory! I visited bookshops, talked to school groups and worked with a wide range of Booksellers ( Sonia from the ‘Children’s Bookshop’ in Huddersfield, Elaine and Sue from ‘Silverdell’ in Kirkham and Tony Higginson from ‘Formby Bookshop’).

It was good to meet some readers that had been with the series from the beginning, some who had started recently and read all the books and others who are just at the beginning of the series but I hope will continue.

The questions I get from some readers can be very challenging, I feel like they know the series better than I do.

So when you actually do live the life of a writer it’s not as glamorous as some people might believe. On April 30th I visited Vancouver, Canada, to watch the film of ‘’ being made. He believed that he was the Spook – I could see it in his eyes. Then I watched him playing the same scene over and over again until he and everyone else, (especially the director Sergey Bodrov), was satisfied. However, I still have a few more local events between now and Christmas.

The film is called ‘The Seventh Son’ and it is a good choice. There were a lot of people involved and each one of them knew exactly what to do. They started filming in March and will continue until the end of June. They’ll spend hours, days, weeks and months, editing the film until each section is perfect. So it’s back to my writing, concentrating on finishing the first draft of ‘Slither’ (more news about that soon) and completing the fourth draft of ‘The Spook’s Blood’ which is will be published in June 2012.And the inspiration behind the stories often comes from local ghost stories and legends. We need to build a Spook’s Army to fight against the Dark. In December 2013 the final book in the Wardstone Chronicles, The Spook’s Revenge was published.Join us now – stand alongside fellow Spook’s fan on Facebook, or sign up to the email list to be the first to hear the news as we learn more about his new threat we face. I was on a promotional tour in the Lake District (with Elaine and Sue from ‘Silverdell’ books in Kirkham) and in London with a host of other excellent booksellers.After all you have to be a seventh son of a seventh son just to be eligible to become a spook’s apprentice. It was an action scene and the ‘Spook’ kept falling backwards against a pillar in danger of his life. Then like a Pendle witch casting the spell called ‘glamour’ the film will come to life and the magic will be there. I have enjoyed the ‘Grimalkin Tour’ and for those who have not yet read it why don’t you look at the new video trailer?They have created some amazing sets designed by Dante Ferretti. It was like a building site complete with heavy machinery and workers in hard hats. He was covered in dust and he probably had bruises or at least aching bones the following day. I repeat that it is not a spin-off as is firmly in the main story arc.Most of that came true and I do enjoy it but sometimes it can be hard work: having to grab a coffee and manage without breakfast to be in time to travel to some school event; attending a bookshop when hardly anybody turns up; spending a night alone in a strange town on a wet Monday; visiting a big city but seeing only the inside of your hotel room. Additionally I did lots of events for ‘Waterstones’, including the Literature Festival at Lancaster and working with the dynamic Dave (the Drummer in a heavy-metal band called the ‘Eliminators’) who has now gone on to manage the Barrow Store.

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