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Your 2 man will not allow anything to come between you and a wonderful time.

He already offered you an expensive bouquet of flowers, and now he is going to shower you with all the luxuries at his disposal.

She will entertain you, no doubt about that, but she also expects you to respond, think on your feet and make her laugh.

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She makes you believe she is a gift from heaven but she only wants the money!!

I think we as men have to realize any of these glamorous women for Ukraine and Russian claiming they can't find a man is bullshit!

For decades (or centuries perhaps), people tried to get some immediate compatibility insight according to their zodiac sign -- but this is Numerology!

In Numerology, knowing a person's Life Path Number gives you an advantage in many areas -- not the least of which is romance.

As a woman, you know how to handle that and turn it to your own advantage.

Dating a 2 lady is very tricky and requires a lot of tact and diplomacy -- but trust me, she is more than worth it.

However, if she gets the impression that behind your funny jokes and quick responses is a superficial person, you are out. But, if she senses depth and maturity, she will be putty in your hands.

If you are a woman on a date with a 3 guy, you will have a fun evening, for sure.

He's a guy that wants success just as much as we do and the other players do.


  1. Does anybody know how this is happening or how to fix it once and for all? Everything in the folder doesn't work, and I cannot move, rename or do anything to that program file. I've had a similar issue with my Laptop over Wifi and an old Modem/Router: Steam would give me this error on startup and I could never figure out why - .

  2. A new city ordinance designates many of these areas as "no cruising" zones from 7PM to 7AM and signs are posted.

  3. Patunay na marami sa inyo ang nagtitiwala sa IMKT dahil pagdating sa minute to minute rating, pumapalo hanggang sa 25% ang audience share pagdating sa segment na ito.

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